Jeremy Pritchard, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING chats

On the eve of our court appeal, we catch up with Jeremy Pritchard from EVERYTHING EVERYTHING

Before Night & Day, there was no ‘Northern Quarter’, just no-go Ancoats. The NQ has been made a desirable and vibrant area by Night & Day and its contemporaries, and its sought after and costly residential developments have, ironically, fostered the noise complaints that now threaten the very fabric of what made people want to live there in the first place. It’s a cultural Gordian knot.

And of course Night & Day has been vital to new and established talent both within and without the city for 30 years. It was Everything Everything’s first gig in 2007, and has been for countless other artists in the north west, many of whom are now international names.

This is also a nationwide issue – noise complaints, property development and impossible commercial pressures threaten the grassroots music venues touting network that has put the UK on the global map for pioneering musical talent. Not only do spaces up and down the country like N&D provide a cultural hub, they all also have a social function, where certain individuals, perhaps disenfranchised by more traditional institutions, where like-minded individuals can meet, exchange ideas, and perhaps even challenge the status quo.

To quote my Music Venue Trust colleague Mark Davyd, “Either Manchester wants to be the proud home of British music or it doesn’t. With all respect to everyone in the City leadership, no amount of music boards, commissions, supportive statements, or well intentioned political positions will change the reality:

Either Manchester City Council act to Save the Night & Day or they should just take down the billboards, switch off the marketing, drop the pretense, and prepare to close up shop on music”

If Manchester cannot protect the Night & Day it isn’t a Music City.

Jeremy Pritchard, Everything Everything, Music Venue Trust

Many thanks Jeremy
Night & Day xxx