Liam Fray – The Courteeners and N&D

Following the second day of our court hearing we caught up with Liam Fray of the Courteeners to discuss the importance of Night & Day to Manchester and the wider musical community. We return to court for a third day of our appeal on January 17th, 2023.


Why N&D is so important to Manchester?

As with any city, homegrown talent takes root in local, established and iconic venues – N and D is that to Manchester. We rehearsed there for years after a tumultuous time between labels and travelling – it provided a much needed anchor for us, we felt loved there. It’s reciprocated. It’s family.

Why it’s important that N&D survives?

All too often venues are celebrated for their heritage – the joy of N&D is in its current vibrancy – it’s ‘nowness’ – it champions amazing new acts and contributes massively to the creative energy to this part of Manchester.

What the importance is of places like N&D being protected and allowed to thrive and continue?

Any environment that can be used to help support creativity to thrive is vital. And I mean that not just for artists starting out, but providing accessible and affordable music is so critically important to the audience too. Every effort should be made to make the arts available for all.

Why N&D is so important to young creatives?

Having played there more times than I can remember…I can attest first hand to the buzz. The walls seep memories, and the stage projects a future. It’s an amazing place and a privilege for any artist to perform there.

Any last minute appeal to the Council?

If anything can be done to alleviate the issue – helping with sound insulation etc would be amazing. Anything that can be done to nurture creativity and community is a civic duty. It’s a travesty we’re even having this conversation to be quite honest. I also wanna send Jen and the staff our love. They shouldnt have to go through this.