Me Gusta New Year’s Eve Party

In 1994, the Rand Corporation, who contributed to the space program, predicted that we’d have ape butlers by the year 2020. In 1951 Popular Mechanics magazine said that we’d all own personal helicopters, while John Elfreth Watkins Jr of the Smithsonian forecast that by next year “there will be no C, X, or Q in our everyday alphabet.”

Some things to look forward to then.

But before we all get personal primates we need to see out 2019 in style and who better to throw this party of all parties than Me Gusta!

It’s been an amazing year for Me Gusta – packed full of music, joy and love from you all across a series of incredible events right here at Night & Day including a beautiful 2018 NYE party that stretched out until 6am in the morning.

This New Year’s Eve Me Gusta are back! And for the occasion the team will transform Night & Day into a whirlwind of jungle ambience with projections, lighting installations and tribal wear creating a unique atmospheric euphoria to properly welcome in 2020!

Expect to hear the usual Me Gusta eclectic cocktail of Afrobeat, Latin, Disco, Funk, Electronica and more from all corners of the globe!

Final limited Me Gusta Muchisimo tickets are available now from Skiddle