Sun 27 Aug - 8:00 pm


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VLURE defy the rules, they rip up genre trends and create new ones. With a certain honesty and a visceral vulnerability, they confront you and get under your skin. They make you feel things, the way music should. The Glasgow five piece, made up of producers, poets, instrumentalists and multidisciplinary artists blur the lines between live electronics, modern production tech and the performance sensibilities of their post-punk contemporaries. Influenced by, and taking cues from everything from UK rave and trance to happy hardcore and leftfield pop, all packaged in a punk laced wrapper, self producing everything they have released til date, Vlure move genre around as if it was indeed fluid. Their synth laden hooks and heavy club influenced rhythms find their way twisting around emotionally confronting lyrics. The live performance presents itself in an intense, yet life affirming moment. Analogue synths bounce off samplers, live breakbeats and angular jagged guitars. Frontman Hamish Hutcheson commands the attention of every stage, looking into the whites of spectators eyes, leaving them with no choice but to let go and engage as he lays his experience bare. This is the sound of coming of age in Glasgow, it’s the sound of two brothers and three friends working endless days dreaming of something more, finding themselves and the people they love in the city’s after hours parties, basement venues and subterranean dance floors.

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