Fri 05 Mar - 8:00 pm


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"Garage-rock guitars, frenetic drums and urgent post-punk vocals alongside the young band’s in-yer-face energy" Maximum Volume

"A mischievous grin and a flat cap tip to the Indie influences of their past, however you can’t help feel like you are enjoying being kicked in the face with big distorted guitar riffs and huge drums" >New Sounds

"In 1890 Scuttlers were typically young gangsters who hailed from the lowest income areas of Manchester. Nowadays they’ve swapped knives and heavy belt buckles for guitars and a killer stage presence" New Sounds

"The stylish four-piece fronted by charismatic lead singer Kaiden Nolan nail it with a driving sleaze rock meets punk slamdunk of a record that grabs you by throat from the off. Fuck the doom & gloom that seems to hang over everyone at the moment; this band is out to have a good time and delivers the kind of sound you can dance to, move to, drink to, and forget the woes of the world to!" Louder Than War

"It doesn’t give up with driving, guitar fuelled energy before ending abruptly in a slab of delay and echo. A cracking and confident debut from The Scuttlers, I can’t wait to hear them live!" Louder Than War

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