Mon 18 Mar - 7:30 pm

N&D Showcase: GUTS.

FRUIT + Distant Joy + Moose Knuckle
£5 adv
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"GUTS. (full stop included) is the name of a super cool rock & roll band, comprising four dorks from Lincoln on a quest to convince the world that they are a super cool rock & roll band. During their tenure together, this gallant gang have helmed their ship (a 2006 VW Polo) across many of England’s most testing A-roads, setting up shop in some of its stinkiest and most beloved sweatboxes, before proceeding to serve up pounds upon pounds of thick, glorious power-pop - with shit-eating grins spread wide across their stupid faces. Through a couple of line-up changes, a handful of self released EPs and stages shared with heroic names such as Pulled Apart By Horses, Tigers Jaw, High-Vis and more, GUTS. have proudly garnered themselves a notoriety in their hometown and beyond as fine purveyors of DIY punk rock. The band is often regarded for their soaring three-part harmonies, which they layer generously over crunching, feedbacking guitars for a razor-sharp wall of sound. Following a brief hiatus spent scheming and strategising, GUTS. make their grand return in 2024. Armed with an entirely new set of bangers and a tightened focus, the band are excited to unleash their ferocious new incarnation onto various cities throughout March, with plans to enter the studio in the early Summer time."


“Fruit are a five-piece experimental post-rock band based in Manchester and Liverpool. In their short time together as a band they have quickly developed a recognisable sound, packed with swathes of dissonance, noise, and poetry. They have also been noted for hectic live shows, with one review describing their performance as showcasing ‘consistent vigour, energy, and eclecticism’. The band have thus far released two singles and have played shows across the country, from the North-West to the capital

Distant Joy

A Mancunian trio who combine poetry, melody, guitar driven instrumentation and electronic beats to create a moody, aggy, explosion of feeling. Exploring ideas of identity, masculinity, queerness, rage and joy.

Moose Knuckle

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