Mon 11 Dec - 7:30 pm

Mindslip Records Presents: The Snowball Effect

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£7 adv
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Join us at the launch of Mindslip records for an evening of music brought to you by some of Manchester's best young jazz influenced talent.


Fusing elements of rock with jazz harmony and improvisation, Lagoon's tight and groove based sound takes inspiration from the past, present and future. The groups driving rhythm section, rich horn textures and intricate guitar interplay amalgamate into a music that will move your body, soul and mind.

Currently in the process of recording their debut album, there is much more to come from this spunky seven piece.

Lick the Moon

Lick The Moon are a fresh Jazz Fusion band born in Manchester in early 2022. Made up of a mix students from Manchester, the group started out with new takes on Jazz standards and have since branched out into experimental harmonies and rhythms, with splashes of Latin, Ethereal Folk, Funk and other unique elements bringing a twist to their music.

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