Tue 06 Aug - Tue 03 Sep

Steven Aylin

With a background in Arts Education and gallery work, originally from Warrington Steven Aylin now resides in Kilkenny, Ireland working as a freelance designer and gallery technician. “I draw most days, it helps. It is a constant, a necessity, a chance to indulge and revel in the solitude it provides. Often I draw on found objects, scraps of paper, offcuts of wood, old floorboards, broken records. Using paint, print and drawing techniques I put images on a variety of surfaces using whatever I can get my hands on. Frequently work is destroyed or worked over, the pleasure comes from the doing, the working of the surface, of repetitious marks being made. Occasionally when I finish a set or body of work I will exhibit, in groups or on my own, sometimes in England, sometimes in Ireland, sometimes elsewhere. This work is taken from a set of drawings originally made over 33 consecutive days (some sold and the number topped up to 33). Each is made on an old album sleeve and is a playful reaction to the original cover. As with much of my work I use a mix of materials to create layers and surface, a process about which I am particular, but not precious.” Marker pen, emulsion, watercolour, pencil, biro on card album sleeves.

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