Tue 14 Jul - Tue 11 Aug

Kat Wood

Kat Wood (b.1994) is a multidisciplinary artist working in fine art photography, alternative photographic printing techniques, performance and small publications. Her work addresses the relationship between the back-to-the-land movement, working northern hill farms and 18th century printing techniques. Her photographic practice focuses on sustainable agricultural methods and incorporating by-products in order to produce photographs. (an example of this can be found in the image he has a plum in his mouth, where the artist used surplus egg whites combined with silver nitrate and the sun’s UV to produce a large scale photograph). Wood’s performances explore the themes of community supported agriculture and development in the form of shared meals. Wood studied fine art photography at the Glasgow School of Art and photography at the Academy of Fine Art Vienna and has exhibited her work in House For an Art Lover and Street Level Photowork. wwoodkat@gmail.com

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