Wed 15 Dec - 7:30 pm

The Psychotic Monks

+ guests Autosuggestion + Pyncher
£8 Early Bird / £10
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The Psychotic Monks

The Psychotic Monks are a band that fleet between the contortions of The Jesus Lizard, the looseness of Sonic Youth, the malevolent electronics of Throbbing Gristle, and the organic pulse of Dublin’s Girl Band, but ultimately create something that feels of their own. The band themselves specifically left space for “accidents” in the writing process, taking inspiration from Francis Bacon when he said “You can’t understand the accident. If you could understand it, you’d also understand the way you were going to act. But the way you’re going to act is unforeseen.”. The band experimented with structure and textures, including silence, and the importance of when not to play.

"The record’s clamour and darkly hypnotic hug, rattles the listener many hours after it's end." Backseat Mafia

"Crawling with moody production and dark, brooding mania, it’s an intense, absorbing listen as dynamics shift from chugging, choking riffs and tense, static noise to melodies that sound like they’re sung through walls by haunted choirs." Loud & Quiet

"It is a dark fantasy of noise and melody intertwined with the artistry of prog rock and the darkness of doom metal." Rock at Night

"choas and post-punk influences thrive with here and their absolute killer riffs.... controlled chaos at its best." Fuzzy Sun

"an aural blast of intensity, interspersed with brittle and claustrophobic beauty, on an album that builds brilliantly on their previous work." Louder Than War


A Hull, post-punk four piece debuting in 2019, Autosuggestion produce a captivating, energetic sound that belies their age with calculated lyricism and pummelling instrumentation.


Manchester four-piece pyncher provide a dark, decisive, and moody noise bound with high spirited and playful lyricism.

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