Sun 09 Jun - 7:30 pm

N&D Showcase: Pinkm’n

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Pinkm'n are a 4 piece post-punk group currently based around Manchester. Their bouncing riffs and nostalgic harmonies will be sure to catch your attention, drawing inspiration from sharp and catchy Strokes riffs with a driving, Shame-esque intensity.


So, Horsemeat? Yeah, it’s basically the lovechild of three dudes who just couldn’t get enough of 80’s metal and 90’s grunge. They’re all about creating music that even vegans might secretly dig. Bert Genovese (Adom, Bobbie Peru) rocks the guitar and mic with his punky vibes and killer choruses. Rob Jenkinson (Smallcreep) slaps that bass like it owes him money, adding in some industrial metal and Grindcore for good measure. And then there’s Lewis Kirk (Big Strides, Kadija Kamara) on drums, mixing up funk, rock, and jazz like it’s no big deal. Their sound? They call it “Prunge” – a wild mashup of Prog, Grunge, and Punk. Recently, they recorded at Salford’s '6db Studios' with Simon “Ding” Archer to capture their crazy live vibe. Get ready, because this band’s bringing the horsepower, folks!

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