Thu 03 Mar - 8:00 pm

BBC Introducing Live: Abby Roberts, Brooke Combe, Tayo Sound, Freak Slug

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Abby Roberts

hellooo luv! my name is abby and i like to make music, i started my journey on the internet making makeup and art videos in my bedroom, as a creative person and an artist i have always just enjoyed creating things lol. i started making music properly in studios in 2020 as a way to help me cope with feelings I couldn’t really express with my artwork, its been my therapy so I hope hearing me ramble about my thoughts can help u feel less alone or if u just wanna vibe that’s cool too :)

Brooke Combe

Brooke Combe discovered a love for music aged just 5 years old, after getting her first toy drum kit. Eventually she added playing saxophone, trombone, guitar, bass and piano to her repertoire while at secondary school and began to find her own uniquely powerful voice along the way.

Tayo Sound

A year ago Tayo was busking 10 hours a day in his hometown of Reading, England. Now, the 18-year-old gears up for the release of his debut EP with co-signs from indie tastemakers and industry heavyweights alike. 
 After leaving school at age 16 to pursue music, Tayo busked full-time until he saved enough money to buy the production software he needed to record his own demos. When music blog Hillydilly shared his song “Yes or No” he caught attention from the US and UK and subsequently signed to Black Butter/Arista Records. Growing up in a church setting where long sets and instrumental interludes were his introduction to music, his older brother’s ringtone was the first time he heard a 3-minute long pop song. Fascinated, Tayo dedicated himself to learning the art of songwriting.

Freak Slug

Finding inspiration through the allurements and atrocities of the world, these garish juxtapositions are what drive Freak Slug to creation. Strangers’ conversations and the laughter of friends are absorbed from the day and retranslated into a new fashion: art that others can feel. The intuitive artist, producer and writer Xenya Genovese expresses her queer loving ventures through a satirical, heavy-hearted, yet buoyant style. Musically inspired by the 90’s, some 60’s and some of now. The caring tones in Hope Sandoval’s voice, the ethereal galaxies of early Grimes brewed with Joy Division’s rugged harshness.

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