Tue 16 Jul - Tue 06 Aug

Tomas Walmsley

Tomas Walmsley presents a small selection from his commissioned artwork for gig posters, fuelled by the excitement and positive response those events provoke. Motivated by a need to better understand his emotional state of mind and creative process, the artist finds a therapeutic remedy to help deal with grief and anxiety. 

Inspired by the work of Robert Crumb as well as mid-century publications like OZ and the International Times, Walmsley is able to indulge his inner most thoughts through a medium that also allows him to experiment visually, resulting in chaotic, mesmerising images. The artist states he finds healing and motivation in these introspective drawing sessions, with colourful and naturalistic shapes and figures taking the spotlight. His artwork expresses the sense of loss and the paroxysm the mind inhabits.

Tomas Walmsley is a musician, artist and film maker from Churchtown, currently working and residing in Manchester.

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