Piccadilly Records End of Year Review Launch Party

Night & Day HQ looks down on Oldham Street. We have a fabulous crow’s nest view of people buying new clothes, old clothes, comics and art supplies; and directly opposite us as that crow flies we watch a daily parade of people taking home music from the wonderful Piccadilly Records. It’s a superb spectacle, seeing music lovers visit the shop day in day out 41 years after they first threw their doors wide and 22 since they moved to face Night & Day. It’s always a blast to see Piccadilly people bring their new acquisitions across the road to grab a drink and gaze lovingly at them in the venue too.

So to say we are delighted to be hosting the evening bit of the Piccadilly Records End of Year Review Party on Wednesday 27th November is something of an understatement.

Here’s what’s happening on Wednesday and in what order …

Stand by your devices! Between 9am and 10am chart announcements will appear on Instagram (@PiccadillyRecords) and Twitter (@PiccadillyRecs)

Leave home! Piccadilly Records opens at 11am.

Make no other plans! Between 5pm and 7pm there will be an instore party at the shop where you can be dazzled by DJs, discounts, drinks, giveaways and more. You can then grab a wristband for…

The Outstore End of Year Review Launch Party right here at Night & Day with live performances, chart topping DJs and surprises.

Oh and the 27th November is the very day the Night & Day  lease was signed way back in 1991 and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate.